Jason Lanier Workshop – Niagara Falls

September 24, 2016 · Photography

Article & Photography by: Jason Huntzinger


In late August I decided it was time to take my photography to the next level. I recently started following Jason Lanier, a professional photographer, and Sony Artisan of Imagery. On top of all the normal work he does, he provides photography workshops for photographers of all levels. Also, after finding out that he shoots with the same equipment as me, I knew it would be a good idea to take part in one of his workshops. ┬áTraveling 7 hours to Niagara Falls was definitely a hike, but completely worth it. 2 days, and 4 awesome shooting locations (one of them being the falls) I couldn’t have asked for more.

Each location we went to started with a discussion from the group, and a Jason Lanier demonstration. While demonstrating, Jason would explain camera settings, lighting situations, photo composition, and how to speak with the models.

Jason Lanier Demonstration

After the demonstration, it was our turn. We were given free reign to be creative and interactive with the models. If we had any questions Jason was also there to assist in answering them. (Here is one shot I took from each location)


Jason Lanier is allowing ordinary people, or aspiring young photographers, to see inside the mind of a professional photographer. He is giving knowledge back to the photography community. What I learned in 2 days probably would have taken 2 years of time behind the lens. You feel apart of a group, everyone is there to learn, and assist. I would definitely recommend his workshops to anyone looking to add a competitive edge to their photography.

This was a fashion and portrait workshop so with the help of the beautiful models, Jason’s team of assistants, and Jason’s guidance I was able to walk away with amazing images. Photography has always been something I was very passionate about, but I always found myself wanting more. This workshop taught me techniques to make each composition that much better.

Below is a gallery of my favorite images from the trip, and if you would like to see Jason Lanier’s video using one of MY lenses he had never seen before (SLR Magic 50mm 1.1) check out the video at the bottom of the page.